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Release Blockages = Better Overall Function

The release of blockages clears the path for better overall function.


Once the primary lesions have been isolated, the practitioner is ready to begin treatment. Treatment consists of a technique called recoil. The practitioner very gently positions the affected body part containing the lesion. Using a precise amount of direction, speed and vibration, the practitioner then releases it by recoiling using the hands.

This action triggers a response in the mechano-receptors of the area, which send signals to the central nervous system and free the blockage. Because the treatment focuses on a primary lesion, it has a profound effect on the areas who depend on it. Once this lesion is released the areas affected will also be released and begin to heal themselves.

Since Mechanical Link addresses the whole person and releases lesions that contain emotional components as well, treatment can have a global effect on the person's health, happiness and ability to function.

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